Explore 1971-2014



Explore at UBC – a 45-year adventure that lives to this day


The newly renamed Centre for Continuing Education at the University of British Columbia offers its first summer residential immersion program in English. The six week program includes students from Quebec and Japan.


The Summer Language Bursary Program (SLBP), which became Explore, is created to provide students with the opportunity to improve their knowledge of one of Canada’s official languages and to broaden their knowledge of the cultures associated with it. This program is an initiative of the Government of Canada, following the adoption of the Official Languages Act to promote the acquisition of French and English.

The summer residential immersion program at UBC becomes the Summer Language Bursary Program and welcome students of both languages who share the same student residences at Place Vanier. The program lasts for six weeks.


The administration of the SLBP at UBC starts to call itself “The Language Institute / Institut des Langues”.


The Language Institute is divided between the English Language Institute  and French and Modern Languages. The two programs are run separately and have little in common.


The Summer Language Bursary Program is reduced to five weeks.


The Summer Language Bursary Program is reunited under the French Centre. Students live in the same residences but also share the same activities. The program becomes bilingual and special workshops and activities are created to help students to learn from each other.


The Summer Language Bursary Program program celebrates its 30th anniversary.


A marketing firm is contracted to develop a rejuvenating strategy for the official-languages programs to help them to reach a larger public. As part of that strategy, the SLBP is reborn as Explore.


This is the last year of a bilingual program under the French Centre.


The Explore program in French is discontinued. The English program returns to the English Language Institute.

In 45 years, more than 10,000 students have improved their second language at UBC. For many students Explore has been a life changing adventure and the best summer of their life. It is an experience shared by many other Explore programs in Canada. A unique opportunity to discover another province, another community and oneself.