Credits for Explore


The English Language Institute assumed responsibility for the English Explore program in 2015. It you took the program in 2015 or later, you should contact for more information.

The information below only applies to French and English Explore programs up to 2014.


UBC does not issue transcripts for the Explore programs, as they are non-credit at UBC. You may still receive credits from your home institution, however. UBC will, at your request, send a copy of your file plus a course description to the person in charge of transfer credits at your home institution. UBC Explore students will only receive a certificate stating the dates of the program and the language level completed.


UBC does not offer credits for the Explore Programs but in many instances you can receive up to 6 credits from your home institution. If it is essential for you to receive credits, you should check with your institution before applying to UBC.

At the end of the program you will receive a form to request that UBC transfers your file to your home institution. Your file will include the program objectives for the French or the English program, your level, the class attended, your marks and a short course description.

Your file can only be sent to your home institution, not to yourself. In order to fill out the form, you will need to provide:

1) The name and title of the contact person who will examine your file
2) The exact address of the department where you want your file to be transferred
3) Your student number at your home institution.




In most instances the contact person will be your Departmental Advisor or an Advisor in the English or the French Department. Unless you study at a small college or university, sending your file to the Registrar’s Office may delay the assessment of your file. The file can be mislaid if there is no designated contact person and you won’t know whom to ask to find out why the credits are not appearing on your university transcript.

If you do not have the proper contact information while you are attending the program at UBC, you should wait until you return to your university, obtain the information you need and then send your request to UBC by letter, fax or email. UBC can usually mail out your file within days of receiving your request if you provide the proper information (a much surer way of sending it rather than to an uncertain contact person or address).

There is no time limit for requesting a file transfer. If you do not return to your studies immediately you can wait for the day when you will register for a credit program again. UBC cannot tell you at what level you will receive your credits (it is usually at the first or second-year level) nor for what course (it is usually for a conversation course). This is up to the discretion of your home institution. If you need a language credit to complete a degree or as a pre-requisite for applying to a program or to take more advanced-level courses, you should consult with an advisor at your home institution first to find out if they will accept the UBC program for credit.

Credits given for the Explore program may sometimes be considered elective credits and in that case cannot replace language credits that are required for graduation. Please note that we cannot send a course description ahead of time as the course description will depend on the class you will be attending.

You should also note that the Explore Programs were set up to encourage communication and that you will be placed in a class reflecting your level of oral English as determined by an initial oral interview (the Explore program in French at UBC has been discontinued). The emphasis of the UBC Program is on developing conversational fluency. If your interest is in improving your writing skills, you should register in a regular credit course.

UBC students who attended the Explore program in French at UBC will not receive credits but UBC will give UBC students credits for most other Explore Programs in Canada.

For information only:

Crédits donnés à Laval aux étudiants qui ont suivi le cours d’anglais Explore à UBC. La décision finale concernant le transfert de crédits dépend de la personne responsable des transferts dans le département de l’étudiant. Cette personne tiendra compte des crédits que l’étudiant a déjà pour d’autres cours d’anglais.