Webmasters are monitors who manage all communications between coordinators, teachers, monitors and students. In 2014, with 40 staff, 300 students and hundreds of activities, it was critical for the webmaster to be up-to-date with all aspects of the program.

Buses cannot wait or they will miss the ferry. Students need to know where are the rallying points or they will be left stranded. Teachers must know in which room they will tech and so their students. Where are the monitors?

Students don’t take notes anymore. They rely on their mobile and communicate by text messages. Staff do the same. Everyone in the program can be on the same page in real time.


Small Stephanie



The webmasters run two websites, one for the public and one for the program. They are responsible for the public Facebook site and for the secret group that is accessible only to staff and students. They help teachers and monitors with their blogs and coordinate a final project, like a Yearbook, that involves all the students in the program.

Webmasters are masters in communication.